Your Amazing–You Deserve A Pat On Your Back!

Clearing clutter from your home, office and lifeGive yourself a pat on your back today for all the efforts you have made to clear clutter in your home and life! Saturday we went to an appreciation brunch as we’re docents for The Heritage Foundation. This organization educates and works to preserve old buildings in Utah. It feels good when someone appreciates what we do.

I think we all need to appreciate the things we do to make our lives better when we clear clutter. It is something that happens over and over again and we are constantly (in a good way) working to eliminate clutter in our lives.

Let’s face it, we can’t stay organized, but we can keep organized. I want you to look at your successes in clearing clutter and give yourself a big pat on your back!! Be happy with what you have done no matter how small you think it has been!

Will you share with us a success you have had?

Clearing clutter in your home, office and life

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