Ready For The Clutter Control Quest Game?

I just sent an email and some photos that I have planned to send for over 3 years. Now before you email me with the message that I need to do some serious clutter control let me explain.

Over 3 years ago Karyn found my organizing site and left a message that she would like to see my tie quilt when I got it done. (That is a quilt made with men’s ties). I told her I would send her a photo when I made it. I don’t know her so I didn’t put her in my planner but what I did do was I printed off her message and I wrote in large letters “Send her a picture when I get my tie quilt done”. I put this with the ties.

In my quest over the years of clutter control (Hum, does that sound to you like a good name for a game—Clutter Control Quest)? Anyway, as I moved the ties from a sack, to a plastic container, to a round cloth container and back to a plastic sack in a drawer I moved her message along with the ties all those years.

Yahoosie! I just sent her the promised photos. I feel like a winner in my Clutter Control Quest. It sure does feel good. How far have you moved in the Clutter Control Quest game?

I’ll sure be glad when I can post photos again!!!

Clutter Control with Professional Organizer Marilyn Bohn

3 Responses to “Ready For The Clutter Control Quest Game?”

  1. pantha says:

    Well, my quest was some stuff I had to do for a big meeting coming up next week. I had do do minutes, accounts sheet, chairman’s report typing……. it hung round my neck just like clutter. I felt that because it wasn’t done then it WAS clutter. Well, yesterday I just thought I would do the easiest bit. That done, the next just seemed to follow and really before that long the whole lot was done! Would that clutter was so easy! And yes, I too felt great after it was done. I have recently given up one of my voluntary things as it got just too much for me and now I have a whole load of paperwork connected with it that I must shred. I am going to replace it with another voluntary thing with no paperwork and less worry. Tell you about that soon…..

  2. Edna Hess says:

    That was nice of you Marilyn to share your story. It would be interesting to see if she e-mails you back! I can’t wait until you get your computer program fixed. I miss the pictures!!!! One thing that comes to mind for me is at one time I belonged to a Chapter of Utah Homemakers. It was funded through the Utah School District for adult education. I belonged for 25 years. Loved it. And I would say about 12 to 15 years I was the person to do the year book and present it at the State Convention. It was fun! I had in my possession about 15 previous years year books plus the ones I had completed through the years. When I decided to no longer be part of the chapter, I was able to hand over about 30 three-ring binders to the president of that chapter. It felt so wonderful to hand them off and not be responsible for their care and storage. I had the biggest smile on my face when I returned home. It was like……. “Mission accomplished”

  3. Marilyn says:

    Wow!! Pantha and Edna you are inspiring!! I felt a load lifted and they weren’t my 30 books. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I agree–I can’t wait until pictures can be posted again. I feel like a duck out of water. The woman emailed me back immediately. She liked the quilt. I will post later. They told me today the two biggest hurdles are over in regards to my web site. I have thousands of pages. I had no clue.

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