How To Declutter—3 Effortless Tips

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How to declutter? One story at a time. It took me 2 ½ weeks but I did it! I had two boxes of Christmas stories and books. I used to have four boxes and a few years ago I paired it down to two boxes. I got a bee in my bonnet a few years ago to collect 25 really good Christmas stories. It got out of hand and I kept just any story—not just the really good ones.

This year I decided to only keep one box. How to declutter the stories and books?

  • First of all I read every story to see if I wanted it—what a concept. Can you believe I hadn’t read them before storing them? (Me neither) And I did the same with the books.
  • I did it a little at a time, every night I would read a bunch.
  • I kept going until I was done—I didn’t throw in the towel after a few days.

I am so happy I now have only one box to store which was my goal.

This is a good formula when you are asking yourself, “how to declutter my kitchen, my bathroom, my desk or other space”.

3 Responses to “How To Declutter—3 Effortless Tips”

  1. pantha says:

    Yes. We changed our storage area for our Christmas stuff and I actually put in a Donate Bag all the things that I had not used this year or the last couple of years. Ok it was not a huge amount but hey, as you say, a little at a time and it all went in the new place. Maybe next year I’ll do some more, but enough for now! Down to no crutches round the house. Stairs still difficult. Physio says a torn knee ligament takes as long as a broken leg!

  2. Marilyn says:

    So glad your knee is healing–but I wish it could be faster. Hopefully you have taken it easy and caught up on some lap projects.

  3. Edna Hess says:

    Hang in there Pantha! It will be worth it in the end to have that torn knee ligament healed.
    I, too, went through the Christmas storage boxes. Got it down to 4. My thanksgiving is 1 box and the Halloween is one box. I probably will do some more evaluating on holiday treasures as I use them next year. PHEW! Quit the undertaking! Most of Holiday decor is in 1 box except for Christmas!

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