Lowly Muffin Tin To The Clutter Rescue

Look at this all my crafty blog readers. I bet every one of you have a muffin tin in your kitchen. What a creative way to avoid clutter all over your creative space. It is not only good for adults it would be great for kids too.

Some of the best products we use are items we have in our own homes and don’t have to spend a penny on—isn’t that great?

Happy Friday to you all!!

3 Responses to “Lowly Muffin Tin To The Clutter Rescue”

  1. Pantha says:

    That is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” moments. Clever. Happy weekend all.

  2. Julie Tann says:

    Brilliant idea:)

    This is a Yorkshire pudding tin here in the UK:)

  3. Edna Hess says:

    I LOVE RE-PURPOSING ITEMS!!!! It’s like a game. I love it. Like Pantha said, why didn’t I think of that one? As always, thanks for sharing! Have a good week-end. I am off to see my sister tomorrow and will be gone. I plan on being back eveomg pf 23rd. Take care. I will have a lot of blogs to catch up on!!!

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