Thrill To Simplicity in Clearing Clutter

“Order is a lovely thing,

On disarray it lays its wing,

Teaching simplicity to sing”.

—Anna Branch

I freely admit I am not a big fan of poetry but I thought this was beautiful. I don’t read poetry because frankly I don’t understand a lot of it and I don’t want to take the time to figure it out. I missed poetry classes in high school because I took journalism where I learned about Greek mythology (which I love) instead of poetry in English classes. So…my poetry skills are sorely lacking.

Order is a lovely thing and clearing clutter gives simplicity to homes and our lives. It is like a gift we give to ourselves and those around us.

Clearing clutter simplifies our lives by bring us peace, power and purpose. What does it bring to your life?

3 Responses to “Thrill To Simplicity in Clearing Clutter”

  1. Edna Hess says:

    I really like that thought Order is a lovely thing and Clearing clutter gives simplicity! It is a gift we give to ourselves and those around us.

    It is not that often we give ourselves a gift! Having order and simplicity is such a fantastic lasting gift. If you were to ask me, what makes me happy…..I would say without hesitation….order and simplicity, because it gives me FREEDOM to do the other things I deem so important and are never forcused on because I lack order and simplicity.

    I feel like maybe I have hit on another level of understanding. I needed to be enlightened with this idea………….THANKS MARILYN for always sharing your knowledge and skills with us. Have a good day!

  2. laura m. says:

    I did another rerun last eve of purging the kitchen since purging it a month ago..I pulled out even more stuff not being used, to donate. I think waiting a month is ideal, then check again; since the kitchen is the worst room in the house for clutter for me anyway. Amazing, more things found I no longer use. No need to re run the laundry room from last month.

  3. Pantha says:

    Edna put a perfect reply. Thank you Marilyn for that lovely thoughtful verse. I think I have Spring Fever because I have started to tackle areas which have lain dormant for a long time. It started with my yarn – I have a lot of yarn and quite a few UFOs (unfinished objects!!) and I have managed to complete some. I am quite good at the knitting – just not the sewing up. Hope you are having a good time.

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